To the readers

I’m writting this blog knocking on everyone how each books I’m reading opens me into the world I haven’t yet and still yet to discover. I was inspired by COLLEEN HOOVER books, and one that strikes me most is her “Confess”. I wanted to make a blog on each books I read and how I have fallen about it. I have lot of books in mind and I want to share it one by one. 


“I’m scared I’ll never stop comparing my life without him to how my life was when I was with him.”

I felt that the book was written in anticipation that I’ll be reading it in the future. I hate how I can relate much on the emotions felt by Owen. I hate to cry while reading those lines knowing if I’ll ever get the courage to tell it to my ex-boyfriend. I don’t know if I’ll ever get those chances to fight for him knowing his with someone right know due to the responsibilities he have. 

To the man I’ll fall in the future


 To the man I’ll fall in love in the future, wherever you are right now I know someday our path will cross without us even knowing it, without our knowledge that will both end up for each other. To my man in the future, I’m so sorry for I am so broke right now. Someone broke me and my life is falling apart. He just didn’t hurt me once, I allowed him to break me anyways a lot of times. I’m praying that you are not in peril right now, that your life is in order apart from what I have. If you’re as broke as me, my apology if I can’t be the shoulder to cry on, if I can’t be right by your side to comfort you. Please never throw your life away as I was pondering for throwing mine. I wanted just to end this misery but I hate to think that if I’ll ever do this, many people will feel like a failure for allowing me to mess my life, for allowing me to feel defeated. That is why I’m holding on right now. I want you here. I hope I waited for you, I hope I never rash things, and I never get too excited. I hope you were the first man and the last man I did ever loved. I don’t know if you could ever accept me as I am right now, broken and in mess. Please accept me, I promise to give all my love for you no matter how little those love remains within. I could even hardly love myself right now, but I’m sure if you will even come, I know I can recognize that it’s you. Please give me signs, if I’ll come so hard, please never give up, just pursue me until I’ll be into you. I’ve been on a lot of trouble, and it will be too hard to fall hard again, but I promise if I’ll ever love someone again, it will only be you.
` I wanted to know you more, I wanted to know what make you mad, what make you happy, what completes you and what messes your day. I wanted to know everything about you; the little once and  even the most insignificant once and everything that really matters to you. I wanted to communicate with you every moment we got. It doesn’t matter if your miles away or an inch apart, as long as we talk. All that will ever matter is you. I wanted to take good care of you, to share my life with you and I hope you’ll share your life with me too. Please tell me when you are upset, even if it isn’t all about me, tell me anything that upsets you. I wanted to see you crying, laughing, smiling, and angry and with all the emotions you got just don’t make me worry much. I wanted to worry about you of course, but please don’t do things that will worry me a lot, don’t be so sick, don’t be in danger, it will kill me too. I love you; I really love you even if I haven’t seen you yet. I know I will love you just like a life of my own. I wanted to share home with you, to raise our children together with you. I hope you’ll love our children so much, I hope you’ll be the best father ever in the whole wide world.